nutrition notes

Help Customers #EatMoreFish

In 2016, the government released its latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGAs). Updated every five years, the report reflects the latest in nutrition science and serves as a guide for educating consumers about what they should eat.DGAs1

The most recent DGAs have an encouraging narrative for Americans: small changes in diet and lifestyle can result in weight loss and a reduced risk of developing a chronic disease.

One of the key recommendations is to eat more seafood, which includes both fish and shellfish. The official guidance is to eat a variety of seafood at least 2 times per week. Though this doesn’t sound like a lot, the DGAs note that most Americans currently fall short of the recommended 8-12 ounces, meaning they’re missing out on the important health benefits of fish.

At a time when Americans are told to limit so many foods, seafood is among the handful of foods Americans are encouraged to eat more often.

Adjusting the diet to eat #Seafood2xWk is one small change food service professionals can get behind. By offering more seafood selections, customers can feel confident about choosing a nutritionally-packed option without having to sacrifice flavor or the fun of indulging while dining out—all while meeting nutrition guidelines!

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