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Lighten Your Brunch Menu with Seafood

More than 70 percent of Americans prefer healthier restaurant options than they did two years ago, according to a recent survey by the National Restaurant Association. And, brunch is no exception. In their 2013 Breakfast Report, Technomic says, “consumers link breakfast with health.”


“We know our guests are eating lighter, and seafood is heavily reflected on the menu as part of that,” said Le Diplomate General Manager William Washington. Consumers who want to lose weight or eat healthfully are constantly bombarded with a list of foods to avoid. Seafood, on the other hand, is a “yes” food that Americans love.

There are many seafood varieties that work great at brunch, as seen on Le Diplomate’s menu. Try swapping in tuna, smoked salmon, crab, trout, mussels, shrimp or oysters as the protein in your existing weekend brunch dishes.

Popular seafood options that work well early in the day:

  • Tuna
    A lean protein with a healthy serving of omega-3s, tuna pairs well with vitamin and fiber-rich veggies like potatoes and green beans in a traditional or deconstructed salad Nicoise. For an unexpected brunch appetizer, try tuna carpaccio along with a light mayo and mustard garnish.
  • Smoked Salmon
    Infuse a frittata with smoked salmon and pair with whole grain mini toasts. Or add omega-3 rich smoked salmon to your egg white omelet and you’ve got a light, but satisfying dish.
  • Crab Cakes Benedict
    A healthful twist on the usual ham.
  • Grilled or Smoked Trout
    Scrambled eggs with trout and asparagus makes an elegant protein-rich breakfast.
  • Mussels
    Mussels pair well with another brunch favorite, bacon. A little bit of bacon goes a long way with steamed mussels and crusty whole grain bread.
  • Shrimp
    Mini grilled shrimp and hash brown casseroles are a comforting brunch dish. 

Nearly 80% of Americans who have lost weight and kept it off for more than a year eat breakfast, according to the National Weight Control Registry. Low in calories yet packed with protein and other nutrients, seafood appeals to consumers who strive to make nutritious choices while dining out.

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