food service trends

Stay Warm with Seafood Soup

Soup has reigned in the category of comfort food since ancient times. As the Executive Chef of the New England Soup Factory, Marjorie Druker, told QSR Magazine, “Soup is like coffee, it will never go away. People are always going to need it, love it, and want it.” And as soup offerings continue to evolve, consider fruits of the sea in your next batch.

Think seafood soup is just about chowders? Think again. Seafood soup options extend well beyond the traditional potato-and seafood blend. From broth-based to creamy and bisques to stews, seafood works wonderfully as a foundation, or addition, to many soups. Think of culinary favorites like Cioppino and Bouillabaisse or spicy cod-and-fennel stew and salmon wild rice soup, not to mention America’s most-consumed seafood, shrimp. Shrimp is found in everything from coconut shrimp curry to butternut squash and shrimp soup. Soup is comfort food at its best. So, entice customers with simmering soups that feature seafood.

The Broth Boom

shutterstock_146106581Bone broth has the sought-after “superfood” label associated with it. The gelatinous stock, which can be made by boiling meat, vegetables, or fish, “results in a taste and flavor profile that is a far cry from its mass-produced cousins,” according to Forbes. The health profile boasts the protection of joints and bones, improved memory and sleep, and immune support. Take advantage of the bone broth craze and consider adding seafood-derived bone broth to your menu this winter, as a base to a soup or a stand-alone drink.

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