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SeaFood Photography

Entice Customers With Camera-Friendly Dishes

Every day, thousands of images of food are posted online to platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. Culinarians can leverage this phenomenon in two ways:

  1. Offer camera-ready meals that customers want to snap and share with friends.
  2. Share delicious-looking images of your food on social media to entice customers to come in.

Jackie Dulen Rodriguez, senior manager of the food research and consulting firm Technomic Inc., said in a food trend report, “The younger generation lives digitally. They don’t want to eat a meal if they are not going to take a picture of it.”

shutterstock_335712839The good news? Seafood is photogenic! Social media accounts all around the U.S. are dedicated to aggregating the best food photography in a city. DCdining and HungryinLA, on opposite sides of the country, both regularly feature mouth-watering seafood items. From lox on a bagel or shrimp scampi to a simply-grilled fish fillet or buttery lobster roll, it’s clear consumers want to see seafood.

Food Photography Tips

  1. Love Your Lighting – Indirect natural light is best; direct sunlight can be harsh. Do not use a flash.
  2. Stay Still – In low light especially, the camera is very sensitive to movement. Consider a tripod.
  3. Food Can Have A Good Side – Don’t be afraid to rotate a dish to find its most appealing side or angle. Shooting directly above the food or at an angle to the side is popular.
  4. Ready For Its Close-Up – Zoom in to fill the frame mostly with the food, so the details are crisp and it stimulates the senses.
  5. Dress It Up – Garnish the dish with herbs, condiments, and toppings to enhance the food’s color and appeal.shutterstock_707939749.jpg
  6. Waste No Time – Photograph while the food is as fresh as possible.
  7. Tidy Up – Make sure the plate and tablecloth are clean so nothing distracts the viewer from the food.

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