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Delectable Descriptions

With so many different species of seafood, there is a fish or shellfish for every appetite. Consider including some information on your menu about the flavor and texture of the seafood you offer to help consumers hone in on a good fish, fit for their palate. Here are a few examples.

Species Flavor & Texture:

  • Catfish slightly sweet, earthy flavor; flaky texture
  • Clams earthy, sea flavor; tender, chewy texture
  • Cod mildly earthy, herbal flavor; moist, tender texture
  • Crab light earthy, salty flavor; flaky texture
  • Halibut subtle sunflower oil flavor; moist, meaty texture
  • Salmon savory, rich earthy flavor; silky, meaty texture
  • Shrimp mild, sweet flavor; firm, smooth, juicy texture
  • Tilapia subtle chicken flavor; moist, flaky texture
  • Yellowfin Tuna nutty, faintly acidic flavor; meaty texture

Mix & Match

For an even more customized meal experience, consider a “mix and match” section of your menu where customers can pick their own fish and sauce/topping combination.

    • White fish like Halibut and Codshutterstock_592478513
      Pairs well with sweet and spicy flavors like miso-honey glaze and maple sugar-pepper rub
    • Pink fish like Salmon and Tuna
      Pairs well with sweet and bold flavors like fruit salsas, teriyaki sauce, and smoky paprika rub
    • Mild fish like Tilapia and Catfish
      Pairs well with crunchy toppings like fennel mint tzatziki and crumbled maple-bacon topping

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