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Add Seafood to Salads

Trendy ingredients, bold flavors, and a wider variety of vegetables and toppings are contributing to the wild success of salads recently. As consumers continue to seek healthy options while dining out, fish and shellfish can be positioned as the ultimate protein powerhouse to top already nutritious salads. And according to Technomic, Inc., consumers are willing to pay for it.

Technomic’s “Left Side of the Menu: Soup & Salad Consumer Trend Report” found that 90% of consumers would be willing to pay more to add meat or seafood to a salad that doesn’t already contain it. Darren Tristano, Executive Vice President of Technomic outlines four things consumers are looking for in a salad:

  • shutterstock_579249790Customizability: Ability to add shrimp, leave off an egg, or order half portions.
  • A “Premium” Offering: Think “signature salad,” made-from-scratch ingredients, or more elaborate menu descriptions like “hand-picked jumbo lump crab.”
  • Nutrition Information: 38% of consumers say it’s important that restaurants provide nutrition information for their salads (and 53% say they order salad because it’s a healthy option).
  • More Variety: Fruit-heavy salads, grain-based salads, or more unique flavors such as sesame -ginger, curry or mesquite.

In creating a three-dimensional salad, Foodservice Warehouse emphasizes three important things; flavor, texture and contrast. Warm seasoned fish on a bed of crunchy chilled greens is a combination customers will love. With endless options of ingredients, salads are a versatile item sure to sizzle.

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