Video: True Food Kitchen

True Food features an open kitchen and food-prep area that seeks to bring customers closer to the culinary craft. With a rotating, nutrient-rich menu, it’s no surprise to see myriad seafood options. Chef Randall Matthews tells us how seafood suppliers play an important role in creating dishes for True Food Kitchen.

Chef Barton Seaver on Sustainable Sourcing

Barton Seaver videosIn a new short video series for the American Culinary Federation, Chef Barton Seaver describes how seafood is seasonal, sustainable, and storied.  Barton encourages chefs to serve more seafood at restaurants and offers strategies for sustainable seafood sourcing, such as working closely with your seafood purveyor. 

Trends & Recipes

Be sure to visit the recipe section for seafood offering ideas that customers will love this time of year, including seafood soups, pasta, burgers and more. 

We also share the latest on food service trends from the popularity of brunch and small plates to pairing pumpkin with… everything. We dig into trends hitting the food service world that pair well with seafood.

Evidence continues to show customers are interested in healthier food options while dining out more than ever before. NFI’s Registered Dietitians offer nutrition tips to help chefs boost the health value of meals, while maintaining taste and the sense of indulgence customers crave when dining out.


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